Evelyn Carr

Evelyn Carr is an award winning young artist whose professional experience includes music, TV, theater and opera. She won First Place in the Forte International Music Competition and performed as a soloist in the final round concert at Carnegie Hall. She also won First Place in NY Lyric Opera's National Vocal Competition. At only 15 years of age she was invited to sing as a soloist with the Danbury Music Centre Orchestra. She has appeared in principal roles on TV and has been in several professional theater productions. Evelyn has also performed several times at Carnegie Hall, Chelsea Opera, and Westchester Broadway Theatre. She has performed at Yankee Stadium and at the Waldorf Astoria for Mayor Bloomberg's 9/11 Memorial Foundation with the Broadway Youth Ensemble. Evelyn also enjoys singing and leading worship at her church and singing at special events. She is the "Official Singer" for her local American Legion and the soloist on the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra's 50th Anniversary recording of the National Anthem. Evelyn is a Vocal Performance major in the Pre-College program at Manhattan School of Music.


When Evelyn Carr...sang three patriotic songs from the steps of the Community Center this Veterans Day, people were amazed. Never had the town featured a singer who was so young, had so much poise, and had such a powerful voice."

- Darla Shaw, The Ridgefield Press

"The young actors playing the seven Von Trapp children steal every scene with their beautiful timing in "So Long, Farewell," singing and dancing in the dresses and suits Maria has made for them out of curtains. They enliven all the numbers with fine acting and harmony."

- JAMES F. COTTER, Times Herald-Record, The Sound of Music at Westchester Broadway Theatre. 

"After it played, "The audience applauded," said Coach Carl Charles, Athletic Director. "In eight years of athletic events, that's never happened before."

- Story by the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra regarding the debut of the RSO's 50th Anniversary recording of the National Anthem with vocals by Evelyn Carr. The Ridgefield Press & HamletHub

 ““Maja maja mia mö,” sings the (excellent) children’s chorus over and over like a kindergarten of Valkyries in training.”

- Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, The New York Times. Feuersnot at Carnegie Hall